Thursday, October 14, 2010

An exciting and tiring day

I drove to Madison today and Aaron turned over my new bike to me.  We had the frame custom fit for me and Aaron ordered all the parts.  Then he and his buddy Josh built it over the last two days.  I am so excited to try it out.  I do need to be careful as I also purchased biking shoes which attach to the pedals.  I have never ridden with those and Aaron says there is a learning curve!!  Last time someone told me there was a learning curve I found out the hard way so will see this time.  I am hoping the curve doesn't lead me right into the ditch or down a steep hill where an old body like mine could get hurt. 
My shoulder would be much better now but little sister Helen has no mercy and I am sure that is the reason it is not much better.  That should make her feel a little badly!!!  No, I am thinking I may not do the deer stand this weekend as the shoulder just does not want to do a whole lot.  I will see tomorrow.  I may must take off with my bike and try to do a bit of biking (limited at best) and then try to do some more thinking and writing like I did last spring.  I think I need to make a decision tomorrow!!!


Anonymous said...

The knee doesn't look too bad but those don't look like spandex shorts! Guess you're taking it one step at a time. The bike looks like the Mercedes of bikes. Maybe it should be day glo orange so motorists will see you. I'd hate for you to have any mishaps. The shoulder may take some time, you know at our age healing takes longer, but it will be fine. Enjoy the bike but be very careful we have a reunion coming up and I'm not going to visit you in traction!! Helen

Anonymous said...

That is a nice bike. If you decide you are too old or too sore for that bike, I would be happy to ride it for you. I wouldn't want Aaron to do all that work for nothing.

Amy Root

Cunheez said...

Hey Carmen, so excited to see a picture of you and the new bike. The bike looks amazing. Great color! It would be fun to get a ride in this fall... nothing crazy... maybe ride to Lake Harriet around it and back. 17 or 18 miles from your house.