Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Happy Anniversary---4 times over!!!!!!

Here are Cynthia/Mike almost a year after they were married.  At this time there were no children, both were teaching at Trinity and life was great.  Today they so enjoy Faustina and Jude, Cynthia is a stay at home mother and Mike is at a different job.  Life changes so rapidly yet today they look as young, as happy and as great as they did 3 years ago. 
I so remember 4 years ago today, the wedding at the Cathedral, the reception at the MN arboretum and all of the family and friends who were in town to celebrate our little girl's wedding.  Gail was so excited to see her miracle and one and only daughter getting married and maybe, just maybe there would be the little girl arriving in the form of a granddaughter that Gail could rejoice in the same manner that she rejoiced when God blessed her with a daughter.  I remember that I was stunned at the beauty that I saw when I walked Cynthia down the isle.  The happiness and the sadness all melted into one big emotion as I tried to stroll so proudly with Cynthia at my side.  As I approached the front of the church where Mike was waiting I could see out of the corner of my eye joy and tears in Gail's eyes as she watched her one and only daughter go from being mommy and daddy's little girl into the strong sure arms of this handsome man who Cynthia would promise to cherish and love for the rest of her life.  It was a day of memories, of joy, of tears that was shared with so many many family and friends.  Of course I am not the one to say but will say it anyway that the wedding and reception was one of a kind that would be impossible to duplicate.  So today I sit here and with tears and sadness I rejoice without Gail but with the memories that God blessed us and Gail with that special daughter. 
Cynthia and Mike---you are a great couple and your love of each other and of God is something that is for many others to want.  I love you so much and mother is so proud of you and your family.  Of course I too am proud of both of you but I want to remind you today that mother was so proud of the young lady that you grew to be.

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