Monday, October 11, 2010

It worked

For the first time in many many tries I was able to down load a picture just like the good old days.  That is great.
I think this may be the longest I have gone without blogging for a time or maybe since I started.  It helps that I can now down load pictures again.  I do not know why it would not work in the past.
This is a picture taken at the Gopher football game over 2 weeks ago when Travis and I went.  The new stadium is really nice,  the team is just not fun to watch.  The highlight of the game was the pre-game and the half time show.
I have been biking a bit, not enough but some.  I have also begun to run a little.  I do not know if I will keep that up but I did purchase some running shoes and will give it a try.  I did a 2.2 mile run/walk this morning and it was pretty slow.  I am sure I can improve on it but will see. I do continue to lose some weight.  I now am down to the weight I was at in the mid 80's.  I have been at a stand still for about a week now but it seems to go in spurts so maybe I can head down a bit more soon.  It is fun to be at a better weight.
I am hoping to get away for a few days later this week.  Have not made any final plans as I want to wait and see what the weather is like.  I am trying to get some work done around the house and the yard.  Today I did get some flowers cleaned up, the tomatoes taken care of, some leaves bagged and then I ran some errands to return some things which I am awful at.  I sometimes leave those darn returns until it is too late and then what is one to do.
It is Audrey's birthday Wednesday.  I toyed with the idea of driving down but I know John is so so busy and to drive 500+ miles one way right now just was not in the cards.  I sure am lonesome for the family and miss them so much.  I know that I will see how fast they grow when I see them again.  I did go down in August but now that is almost 2 months ago.  Time does go so so fast.
I have been thinking much lately.  That is one of the reasons I would like to get away for a few days.  Last spring I went by myself for a long weekend and it was good.  I am not sure I would do the same kind of thing but some how getting away, thinking, praying and just being seems to be very very good once in a while. 
The past few days I have begun to do maybe round 3 of sorting, recycling, throwing etc.  I think I must have put those darn emotions on ice last winter as I do not remember being too emotional as I did so many things but this time around it is not as often but still sad and teary.
Aaron may have gotten my bike frame today.  Waterford said it may be finished today.  He has all the components so when the frame is finished it will not take too long to build it and then get it!!!  I can not believe that I am so excited over a bike.  Way way back on the farm we had a little bike and a big bike and that was it.  I am sure they were 1 speeds but they seemed to work fine.  I remember it being so fun when I could ride up to the lake and back and never use my hands.  The little joys of growing up.  In the last many weeks I have been thinking a lot of growing up.  It seems that it may be a good idea to put some of the stories down for history now when I can remember and I think the memory is still pretty good!!
One story that I think of often especially now as the cold weather seems just around the corner.  We did not have a furnace in our house but it was heated by a kerosene burner in the living room.  For much of the time Dad did not have a tank by the house but rather we got the fuel in 55 gallon drums and they were in the old run down granary.  Well every day Dave or I had to go outside, pump kerosene into a 5 gallon can and then carry it into the house and pour it into the back of the stove.  As I think about it now the house must have had a very strong oder of kerosene as I am sure we must have spilled sometimes.  I can not remember if the stove ever ran out before we filled it up but I do know it was not one of my favorite jobs.  And then for all of our work in keeping the stove full Dad never did put a register in the ceiling so there was NO heat upstairs.  The cold cold bedroom will be another story at another day.
The Vikings are on Monday night TV so will have the TV on and while I do some things will watch it from time to time.  I have not gotten into the Vikings much so far this year.  I guess for that matter was not into the Twins in a big way either.  It may be getting older or it may be losing Gail but some how those sports events have lost much of their appeal as I would rather do other things. 
Enough for now.

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