Monday, October 18, 2010

Not yet completed

Well it is not finished yet.  I did not foresee the tall, slender and heavy stand well and I know it is a bit top heavy.  I may have to shoot a really big deer early on opening day and then just lay it over one of the braces to weigh it down.  NO        What you see away from the tractor is the ladder up and the platform will go on the 4 boards 3 feet from the top.  then 4X4 sheets of 1/4 " plywood will go around the top with 2X4's around the top to make it more sturdy and to lean on and shot that big buck.  BUT before I venture on top there needs to be an X brace on two of the sides to make it more stable and then 4 more braces going out from the sides and staked to the ground.  I will do that, which will take about 2-3 hr the day before hunting.  Should be interesting to sit or stand that high above the ground.  If nothing else I will be sure to take my camera to see if I can get some great pictures of the sunrise, sunset or maybe of the BIG buck that I missed!!!!
Got some more biking in this weekend and have decided that I need to read about the seat on my bike.  I ended up with a sore behind and I kept sitting too far forward on the seat, I think.  I will have to see.  I did not fall off any more so that was good!!  I did find out in a big way that I really really like the bike. 
Also got some more time to sit, reflect, think and pray about the future.  Sometimes I think I make life way to complicated. 
I arrived home this afternoon.  Went to get Wallace right away and he was so glad to see me.  He has gotten more affectnate as he has gotten older and now when I leave him outside for a long period of time if I am not home he digs out under the fence and lays in the front yard waiting for me to return!  Not sure that is good.
I think my agenda for the night is a hot bath, turn the TV on and fall asleep watching Monday night football.  If If I go to bed early I know I will lay awake but the TV tends to put me to sleep fairly fast.  Am I getting old, strange or just weird?  I know, that last sentence is an invite for some smart comment from sister Helen.

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Cunheez said...

I think you need to put the seat in a bag and beat on it with a rubber mallet! Soften it up a bit. The other thing to remember is that just because your sons like the seat doesn't mean the seat like you : ) You may discover that another seat will serve you better. I love my Selle SMP saddle and wouldn't trade it for anything. Sometimes you just have to try a bunch of seats. I know that I did.

You should read this article... this guy is a legend in the biking community

The article talks about how to break your new leather seat in. Happy reading Carmen.