Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A remembance of the summer

The rose bushes are a thing of the past for now but we still can enjoy them through these pictures.  This rose bush was full of roses all summer and was so pretty.
I am having one of those days that one likes to forget.  Went on a 2 mile run this morning and then decided to take a very short bike ride.  As I turned into Cynthia's driveway I turned too sharp and me and the sidewalk meet up close and personal.  Of course as one would expect I lost and the sidewalk was none the worse for the encounter.  I came away with a bloody knee and a very sore shoulder.  It got to the point this afternoon that I was a bit concerned so went into EC (ergent care) and they confirmed what I thought, a bad bruise but nothing broken.  However it did make my day almost unless in terms of work.  I was thankful for Cynthia who drove me to EC and then brought along dinner for me to eat while I waited to see the dr.  As she waited she was able to access the internet on my new fancy phone and show a lady there one of her knitting projects.  I would say that for sure now I am justified in getting the new phone!!!! :)
So I sit here tonight with ice on my shoulder, missing men's group and for some reason the house seems extra big, extra dark, extra empty at this time.  I hate to admit it but as I sit here there is not a stream of tears but a little trickle of salty water running down my cheek, onto my chin and dripping on the TV tray that my computer sits on.  As I glance at that little puddle of water it reminds me that there are times of joy, times of despair, times of gain, times of loss but always a time to thank our God for his goodness.  For his love and goodness overcome much pain, much despair, much disappointment and much sadness.
I am thinking that if my shoulder is good enough tomorrow I will drive to Madison to pick up my bike and drive home.  On Friday I may go up to the Bindes in the afternoon and take material for the deer stand.  Then On Saturday and Sunday I will take time away to reflect.  I did that in the spring and it was good.  I will bring my thermorest, sleeping bag and covers in case I decide it is warm enough to sleep in the back of the pickup.  If not I will bit the bullet and find a place where I can be alone a bit.  I actually have thoughts about if I will be able to work on the deer stand as this shoulder is pretty sore.  The dr did say tomorrow will be the worst and then it should get better.  I suppose I could look on the bright side and say that I am now a "real" biker with road rash on my knee and a sore body!!  Travis suggested this morning, jokingly, that I better get myself a spandex outfit and shave my legs.  Well we will not go that far---the spandex maybe after I lose 10 more pounds. 
Time for some more ice on that shoulder.

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Anonymous said...

Well you're the one that said we aren't young any more! Your soreness too shall pass. After my 200 holes of marathon golf, in which we raised quite a bit of money for our fire department, my legs were sore for just a couple of days. So there is hope!! Spandex??? Halloween is coming up you could dress up in them and see the reaction you get and decide from there! Go ahead, shave your legs and know what we women go through!! Yes, we all know you were perfection but when I did come along that changed!!! Nurse your wounds and get back out there! You'll be fine. Helen