Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fall colors have arrived in full!

Fall colors are here.  In fact in some places the leaves are already covering the ground.  One must say colors because the fall temps certainly have not come yet.  As I write it is 68 and we have yet to experience a killing frost. 
Today has been just like the last many days.  It is calm, warm, sunny and perfect for anything you might want to do outdoors. 
I got an e-mail from Aaron and the bike is almost ready.  The frame came and Aaron said the only problem is Amy likes it and wants it.  Aaron and his friend will work on building it tonight and Aaron said it may be finished tonight.  I was/am planning to go up to the Binde's to build a deer stand but will have to rething those plans.  As of now I am not sure what I want to do.  So many decisions and so little time to decide!!!!!  It certainly would be nice to get some rides in before the cooler temps arrive which I do not know when that will happen.  I am getting a little nervous as that bike becomes a reality I am thinking I may have to cave into the biking culture pressure and purchase some of those spandex kind of biking pants.  Some of them look so tight that I think you could see a tiny pimple in the wrong place!!  Kind of on the serious note I will look out of place on that fancy new bike wearing clothes that look like they came from Goodwill.  On the other hand I can not really remember the last time I was concerned about what others thought of my clothes.  Now if I was trim, fit and chiseled like a young man and those spandex would attract some pretty lady that may be a different story!  But of course I am not fit, I am not trim, I am not chiseled (if you want to get real honest I am not young either) and there is no doubt that there will be no pretty ladies looking in my direction.  I guess it is what it is and maybe I should start to live in the real world.
I have a camp meeting tonight.  We will enjoy each other, eat out and sadly say good bye to Molly as a program director.  That will mean that we lost Gail last year and now Molly is too busy with her work so will lose her as well.  I am sure we need to add someone even though we received much help from many people last year.  With that in mind it still is a good idea to have at least 1 more program director as we need many ideas. 
I accomplished so much yesterday but not much today.  I did enjoy a nice lunch with Lizzia who used to live next door to us and is such a good family friend.  She and Gail were so dear to each other. 
I should try to get some things done before dark.

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