Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Good Morning

Here is a howdy bunch of bails from Prince Edward Island. I think I challenged Dale B to come up with something better last year but he declined!!!

I continue to have problems with my internet.  I go wireless but some how it is not working.  I am now plugged in!!

It looks like another wonderful day.  I have several things planned for the day.  Need to run around a bit to get some errands completed and then work in the garage.  This evening will be taken up with a wake of a friend who passed away Monday.  Each time I attend a wake or a funeral the emotions come out for a period of time but also with each passing month and event they become less and less difficult to deal with.  Here I am almost 13 months after Gail's death and the emotions are so much better but yet still at times they are raw, on the surface and very real. 

This will be short as I will get some things done today before I head to Prescott for the evening.

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