Friday, October 29, 2010

A first for the fall

When I woke this morning the temp was 25 and there was frost all over.  The first of the fall and here we are almost into November.  Wallace's water dish was frozen so I know that we are closing in on our winter season.
I did get out for a short run this morning.  My hands actually got cold and I was only out for 25 minutes. Have not been on my bike for some time and don't really know when or if that will happen.  It certainly will not happen if we have more mornings of 25 or lower.
I had a fun evening yesterday.  I came home from doing some errands about 6:30 with the idea that I would not do any more for the day.  A friend called to say that some friends were going to a play in Burnsville and one person did not show up.  I said I would take the ticket and it was a fun time.  I may have to do more of that to get a little cultured!!
There really has not been a whole lot happening in the last week or so.  I had wanted to and thought about driving to South Bend this weekend but then the thought of a short trip and over a thousand miles of driving just did not sound very good.  I plan to go visit sometime after Thanksgiving and maybe around John's birthday. 
I am looking forward to deer hunting next weekend.  I may be out of town for a few days as I need to go at least a day early to finish the deer stand and then it would be nice to stay until I could shoot a deer.  Of course that could be until Christmas or so!   No the season is only 10 days but for sure I will not stay that long. 
Monday will be Cynthia's birthday.  My or my it just does not seem possible that she can be 30 already.  Many many people know the story of her birth but will share it in detail on Monday.  I do think that the day Cynthia was born was close to the happiest day of Gail's life and it may have been THE happiest day.  God was so real, so loving and so close to us November 1, 1980 that I almost get goose bumps yet when I think of it.
I did make a trip to the dr today as my shoulder from the bike fall still bothers me a lot.  The X-rays showed that there is nothing broken or fractured but it still is very sore.  The dr said that I should give it another 3-5 weeks and if it still is very sore they could do an MRI.  I am not sure what good that would do but will see what happens.  I am almost beginning to think that the shoulder is fine and I just can not tolerate pain of any kind. 
Time to watch the news and then maybe try to get to bed early.

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