Friday, October 22, 2010

The Last??????

I went on the Greenway bike path for the first time today.  The weather was great except it was very windy.  I went as far as St. Louis Park and then decided that I could not answer a question.  I could not figure out if the bike seat was breaking my butt or my butt was breaking in the seat!!  With that unanswered question I turned around and headed home.  With the wind making the work a bit harder my shoulder could feel the work out.  All in all it was a good ride but a bit sad as well when I felt that it may well be the last outdoor ride of the year.  We may luck out with some warm weather yet but when the temp does not get above 60 the rides are cool to say the least.  Tomorrow's normal high is 54 so we are closing in on the last for us fair weather riders.  Arrived home and after a hot bath sat on some ice for a while.  Did it help, I am not sure.
Aaron sent touch up paint for the bike and a computer and will put that on tomorrow.  I do not know if I can do this but I think I have ridden about 40 miles on the bike so far and it would be ice to set the computer on 40 miles.  Travis said he expects me to put on 10's of thousands of miles so I should start at the right place.
I did forget about the work today for the sake of the ride.  Well it is not accurate to say I forgot about it, I would be much more honest to say I just did no work today.  I did figure the work can wait and the ride may not happen again for a long time so it was perfectly reasonable to ride and not work!!
As I sat alone tonight watching the baseball playoffs I did think that the house was unusually big, empty, quiet and as I looked around for sure kind of dusty too.  I am sure I had a puzzled look on my face as I tried to figure out how one person can make so many messes, have so much dust and make the house so so so lived in!  I then comforted myself by reminding me that I have actually made my bed daily for at least a week now.  I think that is pretty great!
No after a windy ride it seems to be bed time.

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