Sunday, October 17, 2010

A learning curve----YES

I did find out that the new bike and the new shoes do have a learning curve!!!  Later
Dale/Deb Binde were so good in helping me with the deer stand yesterday.  I just had not thought through the stand enough to realize that something made of  4X4's and 2X6's is so heavy and then to have it only a bit more than 4 feet at the base and 16 feet tall---well it was a challenge to say the least.  It took Deb, Dale, me and his trusty tractor and loader to get it in the air on a very windy day.  It now stands in the north grassy area  of their farm but I will need to go up a day early for hunting to put on more braces and more stakes.  As it stands now I would not want to climb up and use it.  It was fun to design, fun to build and fun to put up but there were some weak areas in all of my plans.  Anyway I do plan to use it and we will see if it helps to get a deer.  I suggested Dale make the bottom into a pen and put some salt in it but we decided not a good idea.
I arrived at Itasca State Park in the afternoon. It was a nice day but for sure a bit cool.  By the time I figured out my shoes and how to get them on my feet but the shoes in the bike pedals too there was not much time left to ride but it was fun.  Today I will spend doing some writing, some thinking and maybe some biking and then tomorrow on the way home perhaps more biking.  It will take some time to get used to the bike as it rides so so different than my other one. 
If you happen to be reading this today, Sunday, you have figured out that I decided to forgo the camping bit and get a hotel room.  I maybe am getting soft in my mature age but the thought of warmth, of a bed and of a place to write with the computer just seemed so more inviting than sleeping in the back of the pickup.
No, it does look like a nice day so maybe just one more cup of coffee and then outside for a bit.

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Anonymous said...

I would like to see a picture of the stand. Maybe some pictures taken from the top.
Good Luck with the hunt.
Dave DVL