Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Time of Grace

Once again I am frustrated with adding a photo.  I may have to get Mike A over here to see if I am doing something wrong.
It was an uneventful weekend.  It was great to have family over this morning for breakfast.  We have not done much of that since we lost Gail and for sure not since John/Mary moved.  It is so so different now.  Not bad, not sad just so different.  But as I have said so often life marches on and changes each day.  One can adapt and move on or one can stay in neutral and feel badly. 
I took a rose to Gail's grave site a few days ago and then I brought one in this weekend and I would say they are finished for the season.  So many beautiful and frangant roses have come out of the back yard this year.  I am sad to see the end come but so pleased that I and so many others were able to enjoy them. 
We had our first frost last night.  Not a deep one but for sure a frost.  I could see my foot prints in the lawn as I walked to the car this morning. 
This may be a sign of middle age-----but I am looking forward to tomorrow morning when there will be no alarm to signal the end of my sleep.  I tend to not sleep late but too I have begun to look forward to some mornings where I may be able to turn over and catch some additional zzzs for a while. 
Enough as I did take something to get me to sleep so best try to get down for the night.
I hope and pray that this first full week of October will be filled with wonder, awe, work and excitement for all.

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