Friday, October 22, 2010

Hanging In There

This is a flower I saw on my walk with Wallace yesterday.  I marveled that it was October 21 and still we have such beautiful flowers that have not fallen victim to our MN fall temps. 
Our fall weather just goes on and on and on and it is such a blessing.  Again today, Friday, our temps should hit in the 60's.  I need to work but I think I HAVE to get in a bike ride.  It may be the last of the fall. 
I got more bags of leaves raked up today and they will go on the flowers when it gets colder. 
Not a lot to say.  Deer season is creeping up and with it the thought of field sunrises, fall beauty, maybe deer running around and for sure those sandwiches and candy bars that I enjoy while hunting.  Sometimes I think the sunrises, the sun sets, the candy bars, the sandwiches are a lot more important than the deer.  For sure I must get that deer stand more sturdy so I can climb up into it with my gun and my camera.
I think and I feel like it is bed time. 

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