Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Anything is possible

Here is a camper we saw in Nova Scotia when we were camping. I should have parked our pickup near as the camper is almost twice as high as our pickup. It was made from scratch by a man in Germany and shipped here. He made it with the idea that he and his wife would travel from the north end of Africa to the south end but just as they started it was deemed to dangerous so they came here. It is as big as a tank and it could actually be one. I say that if one man did that we should never say God can I do this but rather say God HOW can I do this!!!

Today marks the end of our 4 week wheat grass program with the enemas etc. We are not sure where we will go from here but we are confident that God will lead. Gail continues to keep weight off her hip and it still stubbornly refuses to get better at this time. Pray that it gets better soon.

I am excited, Mike, Cynthia's husband, was able to negotiate a lower price on the scroll saw that I looked at a month ago so I will get it today. I have never had one and I think it should be fun.

John e-mailed and said they love their van and would not be able to part with it now!! That is great. I still ponder getting a different car, one that has side curtains and airbags. Our Highlander has 175,000 miles on it so don't know how far it will go but to put out money for a different car is hard. Any thoughts???? I am sold on our newer cars with many more safety features on like side curtains and airbags.

Grandma is still living off the wonderful memories of Leo over the weekend. We get to see him so seldom compared to the others and he is so so so cute and good I might add.

Enough, there are 2 more items to wrap up before the WG is totally finished.

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