Sunday, July 12, 2009

Farmer bigtime

As you know I am practicing my farming skill by growing wheat grass but I now have 2 helpers and I am trying to dress the part!! My cow even gives brown milk which has a chocolate flavor!!!!

Today is Sunday, July 12TH and can you believe that we are close to the down hill side of July! Time slips away quickly when one is having fun.

I thought it may be good to just summarize a bit where we are at with Gail's health.

  • We are finished with 4 weeks of wheat grass enemas
  • Gail is now taking about 10-12 ounces of wheat grass juice daily along with celery and tomato juice. She drinks juice twice a day.
  • Gail is mostly on a raw food, veggie diet.
  • At this time she is also taking some gelatin that is supposed to help cartilage which we suspect is a problem with her hip.
  • Gail is having few, but some symptoms of health problems in her body. There are daily little things that feel or happen that remind her she is not well at this time.
  • It is difficult to walk much as her hip is hurting at this time.
  • The majority of our time is taken up with health issues and eating in the correct way. Of course camp is happening and there is work there but most home projects are put on hold for a time. I think most people find that hard to comprehend but the thing is I am concerned about nothing else except Gail most of the time.
We are looking forward to the day when we can put health issues on the back burner and live a "normal" life. We hope and we expect this to happen. We have decided to have Gail come to camp regardless of her health and working at the fair is up in the air at this time. The fair work is a bit gruelling as it involves not a lot of work but it is working 6:00 PM to 6:00 AM for 14 days straight. Unless Gail feels a lot better by then we are not sure that would be good for her.

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