Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Rain rain don't go away

We are finally getting some rain as it is so so dry. I would guess we have had 1/2+ so far and we are expecting and hoping for more through the morning.

Gail continues to deal with health issues daily and I would say continues to heal daily. She is still getting around with a cane but actually there are times mostly in the afternoon when she may walk without it. The raised area on her sternum is not larger and is actually more defined which we say is good. Her energy level is moderate to low but we feel that is because her body is using so much energy up healing itself. In fact her body is working so hard to heal her weight is now at 111. It was good for her to get out in the sun a bit the last 2 days as that tends to give her good color. There are so many people praying for her, we have heard so many words of God healing her I believe God hears all of us. Just as in Genesis 18 where Abraham bargains with God to save Sodom. He convinced God to not destroy the city even if there were only 10 good people!! I believe God is in Gail's health situation and he is listening to ALL the requests, all the prayers and He is saying that regardless of what WAS going to happen he is NOW going to heal Gail in His way. He does hear us and he will respond. Thank you Lord.

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