Monday, July 6, 2009

Splash Splash

Leo finds fun in splashing the water on top of the pail that sat there from the rain. Faustina stands by as if to say here I am only 1 and already I don't understand those boys!!

As we enter the first full week of July we have cloudy skies with a few sprinkles. The week is supposed to bring heat and perhaps a bit of rain, we will see.

Gail feels well but she is still dealing with that hip. In an effort to keep weight off it she is resting as much as possible and walking with a cane. That makes it very slow going but we are hoping that the total rest will help heal it. Lord we once again ask (beg) you to come with your healing spirit on Gail. For her entire body but we focus in on her hip today.

Have a wonderful week.

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