Saturday, July 11, 2009

Happy Birthday

We are excited to join in Betina's birthday party this afternoon. Happy birthday Betina!!

I missed blogging yesterday. We traveled to Monticello yesterday morning for Gail's treatment. Her therapist said she has lost some cartilage in her hip. We are hopeful that we can restore some of that and heal it. Lord, come in your mercy and love to heal Gail's hip.

Gail enjoyed a visit from her sister and mother yesterday. Her sister, Deb, came to help one of her daughters paint their house and grandma stayed here for a while to visit.

Gail continues to move pretty slowly. Except for that hip she is feeling well. As usual she looks great to me and of course others say the same!!! We have made the decision that she will come to camp Aug 9-14. We expect her to feel well and move well by then but if that is not the case she will still come as I believe that if she is not healed by that time the Lord ALWAYS works miracles at camp so he may have that in mind. We will see. We do have a nice large cabin with air so Gail will be comfortable.

Here it is 8:30 and I have not watered the wheat grass so best be going. Have a great Saturday.

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