Thursday, July 2, 2009

Two treasures

Grandma, Leo and Faustina about 6 weeks ago. Everyone loves Grandma!

Another cool cloudy day and the next few days look like nice weather. Thank you Lord.

We continued our routine yesterday. Got a later start than usual but finished the WG by 2:00 PM. I had a 2:00 meeting and then worked on camp a bit. I had men's group in the evening. Gail had a bite to eat after 2:00 and then took a rest. She has been taking about a 2 hour rest each afternoon. This morning she is moving a bit slowly, Lord come to heal that hip. I have been concerned that we would run out of wheat grass for juice before we finish next Tu but now it looks like it should last. We now have 5 days left and then only drink---no other method!!! After Tu we will need less so it will not be so important to get those trays started each day. Gail continues to have some discomfort in her neck and right side but we view that as healing. We now expect to get the results back from some tests from last week perhaps today or tomorrow.

I need to pick up the work pace for camp a bit as time is going fast. Today and tomorrow will be mostly camp work so am hoping to finish data entry etc.

Lord continue to heal Gail as we live our lives for you and your kingdom.

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Don Ferber said...

Remember my offer to help you with camp work; 2-4 hrs per day as needed.
Don Ferber