Sunday, July 5, 2009

Lotz of help

Grandma is enjoying help from Leo, Faustina and of course Wallace. They are getting rhubarb so Aaron can take it home and make rhubarb cake I think.

Yesterday was busy and fun. Travis came about 1:00, Aaron/Amy/Leo came about 3:30 I think and then Cynthia/Mike and Faustina arrived at 4:30. We put brats, burgers and chicken on the grill and Gail had made some cole slaw and cucumber salads. Grandma managed to get in a short rest in the afternoon and I think she held up better than grandpa!!
We also got about 1/2 inch of rain in the afternoon which was badly needed.

When we finish the WG today we only have Mon and Tue for that and it will be finished. Perhaps we will drink more then but will see. Gail continues to feel well but the pesky hip still bothers her a lot.

Thank you for your continued prayers and belief that Gail will be healed. Have a great Sunday.

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