Friday, July 17, 2009

We're going to score

As grdma and grdpa walked up Henry scored and all was good. The second half, well just say there were a bit too many cartwheels and also some rest times (while the game was happening!) but everyone had fun. While Liam watched he engaged a lady who was walking her dog in a conversation. He told her that her dog looked like a coyote! He must have spent to much vacation time in the North Dakota Badlands.

Things seem to be same old same old same old around here. Water the flowers, water the wheat grass, dig the weeds, wash the dishes, drink the wg juice and of course take a nap! Gail continues to be about the same. We still need to see much improvement if she is to come to camp Aug 9-14 but that is a ways off. Her hip remains the same. Not much pain but it does not support her very well so it is slow where ever you go.

If you are reading this and live out of town the weather here is COOL. As I write this it is 56 and the high may hit 70 today. I hope it stays cool as we head towards camp because everyone then stays well covered up if you get my drift!!

Travis and I are going to go out for breakfast so got to go. Can you believe we are headed into the weekend already.

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