Friday, July 24, 2009

Happy Friday

It is 9:00 AM on Friday and the clouds have rolled in with a bit of rain. The cooler temp is nice and the rain, very little yet, is welcome.

Travis drove Gail to Monticello for a treatment yesterday afternoon as I stayed behind to prepare for our first pre camp meeting. Gail was very tired last night but actually could not find her cane at one point which of course means she wasn't using it. She looked good yesterday and was walking better. She is still taking the garlic but this last jar that she got is difficult to take so she will try taking it with a bit of tomato juice. Lord with all of the things Gail is eating and taking come in your mercy and love to heal her.

With our first pre-camp meeting we are in the "full camp mode" around here. I was delighted to welcome about 60, mostly young adults, last night as we met. We will end up having about 52 junior staff, 30 staff under 25 and another 25 staff over 25. I expect camp to be more exciting and more spirit filled than ever which is saying a lot. I am amazed that more than 50 11Th and 12Th grade young gals and guys come out. I pray that they will sense our God, see our God, feel our God, hear our God and go home on Friday, August 14 renewed in their faith and full of the Holy Spirit which of course will give their life even more meaning and purpose.

Have a great weekend. As you know this is our last full weekend in July and as all of us grow older (I mean mature) we know with great clarity that when time slips away it can not be recaptured.

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