Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hawaii Sunset

This picture is about as peaceful as one can get. It was taken from the balcony in the condo we stayed in on the big island in 2008

We continue our countdown to the end of our interesting WG program. After today there are 6 left. Gail continues to do well. Yesterday we had a picnic with a group of people so I went and Gail stayed home. About the time I was ready to leave the picnic Gail showed up! It was great and of course everyone was excited to see her. We had a great "pray over her" time which she always likes. For some reason she did not sleep well last night so she did sleep in a bit this morning and that is why the WG things is a bit later.

That is about all for the day. Temp this morning as we woke up was again 55 so it still is cool. Got to go as I have about an hour of work with the wheat grass trays. My farmer skills, the very little I ever had, are coming back oh so slowly.

Lord continue to come with your healing grace to every cell in Gail's body, thank you.

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