Saturday, July 4, 2009

Leo is here

Leo loves grandpa's sandbox and he plays so nicely in it.

Gail felt better yesterday than she had felt for some time. If you were to watch her move you would think it is pretty slow but actually it was better yesterday than for some time.

We really enjoyed having Aaron/Amy over in the afternoon and then Matt Vernon and his lovely wife Amanda came for a visit which was really nice. Today we will again see A/A along with Travis and maybe Cynthia and Mike who arrived home from their vacation yesterday.

Today is WG day #25 and we have 3 left. Then, we do not know but we are confident that God will lead the way.

Almost forgot, happy 4TH. Gail and I were talking yesterday how blessed and how lucky we are to live in the country we do where so many things are available to so many. Now with everything that is happening in our country we could say I am not sure but to compare us with other places, thank you Lord for having us here.

Have a great day and may all of your fireworks be GOOD.

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ken said...


You take really great pictures. We should have a conversation about photography.