Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Leo and Amy sure look happy.

Here we are at Wednesday, the enemas are finished and we are saying our schedule is all up in the air now!! We were used to the same routine for 4 weeks and now it is different. For now Gail will be doing 2 different things of wheat grass juice in the morning and again at night.

Gail's hip continues to be the bother. It seems to get a bit better and then a bit worse. This morning it is on the worse side. She is working a bit in the yard now but it is a challenge to move around very much. At this point we just do not know. She is putting cream on it, rubbing it and different things but it just does not want to get much better for now.

The day should be a bit busy. Don F will be here shortly to help with camp, Larry B will be bringing communion for Gail about 12:30 and then I will be at men's group tonight. Also need to get new wheat berries soaking and growing each day!

Have a great day.

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