Friday, July 31, 2009

Good-bye July

Here we are enjoying the last day of July 2009. This summer has been dry, cool and life has been busy with challenges, changes and people. We are so thankful for a life full of family, friends, events and to see God so present in all things.

Camp is almost here. In fact 2 short weeks from now we will be packing up to come home from camp. We had our second pre camp meeting last night. It is so wonderful to see so many "veterans" of camp as well as so so many young people. As I looked at 42 staff who will be working with units 27 of them are under the age of 25. Now that is exciting. The anticipation of what God will do, how he will change us and what miracles he will do always almost leaves one breathless. Come Lord in your love and power as you always do and fill us with a new level of your Holy Spirit.

Gail continues to hold her own in many ways. Of course there are ups and downs daily but generally she is doing well. She is so strong, so loving, so determined all of you should be so proud of her. She now does not use the cane but there are many things happening in her body that says she is not well and there remains much healing to come. There are days when she is physically a bit up and she welcomes short visits and then there are days when it is best to just "be" alone to heal. The last few days she has had enough energy to help me some and you guessed it more papers are in order and more things have been completed. Thank you Lord. I did stop in to the State Fair Grounds yesterday to let Mr. Anderson know that she would not be working the night shift. He was so nice and said if she wanted to work a few hours each day where she could just sit he would be delighted to arrange that for her. I doubt that will happen but we will see.

As I sign off Gail just came downstairs and she slept all night. That is the first time in the last week. Thank you Lord.

We are hopeful that she can go to Amy Saunders' shower on Sunday. That should be fun. If she can't I will go but I don't like going places without her.

Enjoy this last day of July and have a wonderful weekend.

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