Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Look a busy it's a coming!!!

I can tell that camp is getting nearer. I missed juicing wheat grass this morning, I should have mowed the lawn but did not today, I was late to men's group because of a camp call, I feel a bit stressed and the list goes on. It's a coming and there are not enough days left to prepare!!!

Gail, I am not sure what to say. Her hip is not better at this time and the last few days she has been very very tired. I know it is a bit late right now but Gail is in bed. She was exhausted when she finished her nightly bath. Please pray for strength and of course a healing. With these last couple of days we are now questioning if she will come to camp. We will see.

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Anonymous said...

You have been on my heart and mind so much today and yesterday. I will continue to pray for you and Carmen. I want to thank you both for the years my kids went up to servant camp. They loved it and met many friends who they now meet during action trips and missionary work. Thanks for all the hard work in building the kingdom for our kids. It is working. Love Lisa