Friday, July 3, 2009

Little critters

Here is a picture of one of those little critters that love our wheat grass!!

We are excited, Aaron/Amy and Leo will be here for a time this afternoon. They are in town for the long weekend.

Not a lot happened yesterday. I got some camp work done, decided how I will deal with chickweed and other unwanted growth in our lawn without using chemicals, Gail baked some great cookies, finished staking the tomato plants and of course marked one more day towards the end of our WG program. After that it may be MORE drinking so it is not going to go away. Gail continues to be slowed down with her hip but does feel well.

We are wondering how the two camping families are doing. John/Mary and family will arrive at Mary's aunt tomorrow and we think Cynthia/Mike could be back today or tomorrow. I hope they had enough open fires and outdoor food for Gail and I too.

Gail had a great night last night, slept through the night. That hip just does not want to improve a lot. Is it better?? If it is the improvement is difficult to see. Lord, we pray for a healing of that hip so that Gail can move well again.

I hope all of you have a great 4Th weekend and if you have fireworks keep it safe!!


ken said...

Carmen and Gail,

This is from page 27 Catholic Digest.

Dear God, Life is difficult. Help me to realize this great truth and not moan and groan and complain about my problems as if life were easy or should be easy.

Teach me to name my real problems, to face them squarely, and to work untiringly toward solving them, or, if this is not possible then to endure them with courage. Help me to be open to all the ways You come into my life: whether as gentle breeze, tumultuous earthquake, or something in between, May the difficulties I experience bear only good fruit; sensitivity, compassion, patience, humility, and the growing realization of my absolute need for You. God, I ask for all these things through Jesus and the gentle, yet earthshaking power of the Spirit. Amen.

I am trying to hold on to this prayer, I think it is life changing.


ken said...

PS: Carmen, page 27 Catholic Digest 5/2009