Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hay, how are you?

We saw this in Prince Edward Island when we were camping in 07. Thought it might give Deb/Dale an idea for a Halloween greeting to their farm!! Bet Tony couldn't top that Dale!

For me yesterday was run around day. Left the house about 2:30 and got back after making 6 stops for various things. Those times are not my favorite but sometimes one has to do it.

Gail continues to have energy but moves in slowly. From time to time there are little things and now as one looks at her sternum it could cause concern but NO, Lord we claim your healing grace for Gail--come in all your mercy and power to restore Gail's health.

Today marks the end of the 3rd week of our WG program and next week at this time we shall see where to go. It seems God works in his way not ours so we usually know what to do the day of, not a day before or a day after.

Honestly, I don't know if I could do what Gail is doing, eating and drinking mostly green raw food. It is not that it tastes so bad but all of us are so ingrained in the western culture of a certain way to eat---it is usually baked, grilled, fried and of course it has white refined flour or white refined sugar or whatever but there is no doubt we are used to a WAY. Of course when all is said and done we add the salt, pepper and other spices so in the end we do not taste the food but rather all the things we added. Enough, the bottom line is it is difficult to change but Gail is amazing in what she does and how strong she is.

We woke up to temp of 55 and it is supposed to stay cool today I guess.

I end with my daily plea to continue to pray and believe God will heal Gail and restore her to good health.

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