Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Here's to your health

With summer here, gardens growing, farmers' markets open and the grills hot thought you may need a reminder to eat healthy!!
2094 Niles was again a bee hive of activity yesterday. John stopped over, Susan Wind and her women's group came for a short time to pray with Gail, we drove to West St. Paul for Gail's physical therapy, Gail hung clothes on the line, Mike brought a chicken pot pie over for dinner and actually the list could go on and on. Gail and I finished the daily wheat grass juice program about 11:00 AM and then were busy for the entire day after that. I went to a camp meeting in the evening and of course was reminded that camp is creeping closer and I had better get some more work done on it. Also, I actually took a bit of time to have a cold beer with the neighbor. As you can see our house did not resemble a place where anyone was sick. Gail continues to feel better which we are so thankful for. We feel your prayers are being heard and answered. At this time we are going through about 1 1/2 10x14 trays of wheat grass. Cynthia is doing a great job of planting.
I almost forgot. Henry was on the phone with grandma for about 20 minutes. He loves to talk to grandma. Grandpa isn't very good at talking on the phone but Henry sure enjoys bending grandma's ear with all the news. John and Mary better be sure they behave because who knows what 5 year olds may tell!!!!! It seems the story is the same no matter which grandchild comes over. They come in the door and disappear with grandma into the kitchen. Later they reappear with a cookie or snack or ice cream cone and grandma knows everything about their day or their dog Leroy or whatever. I think that someday Gail may get the award for "the best grandma ever"! I need to scoot as the men are coming at 6 for meditations.

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