Monday, June 29, 2009

Eat up

How about a pie of egg and sausage this morning and then top it off with a blueberry one for dessert!! that on the open fire along with a strong black cup of coffee should be enough to hold you til noon. Oh my, I am lonesome for camping as you can tell.

Gail continues to do well. She has been taking naps in the afternoon but she feels well except for that pesky hip which does not seem to improve a lot.

Talked to Aaron last night, talked to Cynthia also and stopped by John/Mary to say good by as they will be on the road to Washington State for the next 2 weeks. Mary's aunt lives on a farmstead near Seattle.

This morning we will finish WG # 20 with 8 more to go. WOW and how and whatever we will be glad to see that come to an end. Is it working, we think so but for sure it is not making things worse and it certainly is an endeavor of "all out love". If any of you are saying that you do not think you could or would do enemas etc. for that long just ask yourself what you would do for the person you love most in the world.

Brother Dave turns 65 today, hope he is celebrating in a big way. If nothing else Dave take an extra dose of vitamins, prop up your feet and take an extra nap!!!!

Yesterday I went out into the garage where there are about 15 trays of wheat grass and there was a line about 2 inches wide right through one tray as if you had driven a machine through it. We set traps and in the afternoon we caught a chipmunk!! It WAS one of the most proficient machines I have ever seen.

Thanks a million for your support, your thoughts, your prayers and please do not let up, storm the heavens for Gail daily.

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