Saturday, June 27, 2009

Kick that ball

This is Henry on Tuesday, he scored 5 goals and his team won 5-2. He is sooo proud that his dad is his coach.

Yesterday went well. Finished the WG program by noon and then I worked on camp. I spent much time looking for two way radios for camp as well as buying 600 cans of pop at 16 cents a can. No coke machine this year, need to save money! Gail continues to feel well except for that hip, Lord come with your healing power and rid that hip of the ache and pain.

As I finish this we are in the last stage of our WG for the day. I went to the Farmer's Market in between the last stages. Found nothing to buy as the organic tomatoes were $2 each--yiks! I need to get to the compose today and then work on camp the rest of the time.

Sometimes it is easy to forget the seriousness of Gail's health as she is feeling well now. But, please remember to pray daily for a complete healing and give the glory to God.

Almost forgot, we received a glorious rain last night as almost 1 1/2 inches came in a nice slow rain so that most soaked in. We still are very dry so are so so so thankful.

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