Saturday, June 6, 2009


Wallace, our Goldendoddle dog was very much in need of a haircut. As he might say in his friendly manner, all the better to see you.
Gail had a difficult day yesterday. She did go in for her physical therapy treatment on her hip and that was good news. The therapist thinks she will not need a shot and he feels that we should be able to treat it with a total of 3 treatments and some exercises. From the time we returned home, about 11:30, to about 9:00 Gail did not do well. She had much lower back pain and spent much of the afternoon in bed. She was doing much better before bedtime so I am assuming she will feel better today. It is another chapter of our story that goes up and down, up and down kind of like Jack and Jill. We just know however that she will NOT come tumbling down but rather she will be healed. Lord come in glorious power to heal Gail now.
A/A/L arrived about 3:30 yesterday. I just can not get enough of those grandchildren. Leo is just the cutest guy in the world.
We have not had gradma/gradpa day for a few weeks now and we really really miss it. Hopefully we can do that again soon. Also we really want to get to Madison soon but it seems that Gail may not be traveling for some time.
Times like yesterday tend to put doubt in our minds so please pray for renewed faith for Gail and I. Lord we need you for strength, come in power.
Have a wonderful weekend. Here in St. Paul we are hoping for rain as the lawns are starting to turn brown.

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