Friday, June 5, 2009


Here is our miracle baby. In 1975 after Gail was very very sick we were told that we would have no more children. After looking into adaption of a little girl we put it aside as we moved to St. Paul. Three years later Gail was pregnant. It was a miracle to rival Gail's current healing that we believe is happening.
Of course she is our favorite daughter! Some of the many many things we could say are she is sweet, adventurous, a super cook, a great mother and a good athlete.
Gail, she had a bit of down time yesterday afternoon. For some reason her back bothered her. She did spent much of the day doing things around the house but at times it is frustrating as she is slow, not like the Gail we all know. She continues to have difficulties sleeping. Once again last night she was up a lot and tried different things to fall asleep. We believe in her healing and have seen her continue to feel a bit better each day.
Have a great weekend. Here in St. Paul they are saying we will get rain. Everything here is very very dry so we hope it rains all weekend.
Aaron/Amy/Leo will arrive this afternoon and be here for the weekend. Leo should be here around 3, we can hardly wait.

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