Monday, June 22, 2009

Top of the morning to you

Here is a morning glory that Gail had in the yard last year. Every morning it helped wake us up and remind us of God's glory.

We are now into the last full week of June. This week, the 25Th, would have been my parents' 74Th anniversary I think!! Also brother Dave will turn 65 June 29Th. Actually I am ahead of myself as that will be next week. I am sure my sister Helen would not mind me saying that in August she will inch ever so close to 60, but not there this year!

Gail had a PT appointment at 7:30 this morning so we are finished with that. She made her next appt for 3 weeks but if she feels she doesn't need it she can cancel it. We are now in the middle of our daily morning WG program and tomorrow we will finish 2 weeks. Where do we go from here---we don't know but maybe 2 more weeks of it and then after that just drinking it twice a day. Honestly I think Gail now almost looks like our Gail of old minus 35 pounds. Please pray for her continued healing and for God's ever present wisdom for both of us. As of today we have decided to have her stay close to home until her hip recovers totally as she walks a bit gingerly. Gail and I had this discussion about "gingerly". I use it as carefully, or with caution etc. She interprets it as quickly, up tempo etc. What do you think???

I hope all of you had a great father's day. We enjoyed Travis, Cynthia/Mike along with Faustina here for an evening meal. Also had a nice phone conversation with Aaron.

Take care and if you live in the cities keep cool as the temp is supposed to be in the low to mid 90's today and Tue and above average all week.

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