Sunday, June 21, 2009

It's a frog--no it's Leo

This is Leo about a year ago.

Happy Father's Day to Aaron, John, Mike, Allen, Ron, Mark, Dale, Dave and every other father who may read this. Hope the day is SUPER. I think everybody has different agendas today. J/M and kids plan to go for a day outing in their new van, C/M plan a 1 day road trip south and Mother and I hope to see Travis and enjoy some comfort food on the grill.

The days seem to fly by. Even though the calendar shows it is the first day of summer I believe the days will now start to get shorter!!

Yesterday was uneventful. Of course we did the WG thing in the morning. Cynthia went with us in the afternoon to the movie, Food Inc. Very interesting. Now I am wondering if Mark and Dale get their soy bean seed from Monsanto?? I would recommend that you go see the movie and I promise you that you will not stop at a fast food place on the way home!!

Gail has her last scheduled pt session for her hip tomorrow at 7:30 AM. We will see what they say. It seems to be getting better. When she sits for a longer period of time it does bother her. She continues to feel OK with no effects of serious illness. As her body recovers she moves a bit slowly and her energy level is not normal but we believe that will continue to improve. For sure keep those prayers coming and coming and coming.

Berkey came to our house yesterday. Oh I forgot to say Berkey is a filtered water system that changes tap water to really healthy water. It may sound mundane but in a world where a body is recovering from serious illness everything you put into it is more important than ever before.

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