Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Nova Scotia fun

Gail and I are a bit jealous. Cyn/Mike will leave for their camping trip tomorrow and next week John/Mary will leave. All we have are pictures of our trip in 07!!

Yesterday was again uneventful. I had meditations in the morning, our WG program continued, saw some grandchildren and some of the kids, Henry had a soccer game, community meeting in the evening, some camp work was done, Joel Kibler visited for a short time and Gail did some garden work. Praise God for a life full of work, play, friends, family and enough challenges to make it absolutely necessary to rely on God!!! Lord continue to come in the fullness of your healing power.


Anonymous said...

Hi Carm and Gail,
I took Luke and Cheyenne up to NDSU for orientation yesterday. What a long boring day. I can't believe the cost!!!!!!! Rained again yesterday. Enough!! Amy off to Peru today. It is so wonderful to hear Gail is doing to well. Mary

ken said...


You write a wonderful blog, I do not just say that out of friendship. Gail was a great model in the sun set drinking beverage of her choice. I will most likely check in with you this week.