Sunday, June 14, 2009


Leo was here last weekend and he is a real cutie. I missed this picture as it looks like he could be plugged in but he sure has a cute smile.
Gail has been doing fine. She has great color back which is her usual self. We are now in the middle of a kind of wheat grass juice program. There are many books out that claim wheat grass juice is very very very good for restoring health so we will see. Since medicine is not going to help Gail we will see if natural means restores health as we continue to believe in God's healing power.
Jerry and Susan Wind came over yesterday afternoon and we had a great time of conversation and prayer. It is special when one can connect with brothers and sisters in Christ who believe, live and think about healing in the same way as we do.
Friday Susan Wind, Larry Bartek and Jan Terhaar were over. I felt the prayer before they left was powerful. Travis also stopped for a short time.
We had a nice visit with Gail's brother Mark and his wife Mary along with their daughter Amy and her fiance Micah Lundstedt last night. I think we may get Micah out to camp to give a sharing on his experiences as the son of missionaries in Africa. Amy and Micah will get married this fall so that is really exciting.
We were also able to see Audrey and Faustina for short times yesterday. Audrey still is in line for grandma's halo and Faustine has become little miss mischief and grandpa loves it. I can't forget we also saw Henry after his soccer practice. I think Henry had some gummy bears, an ice cream cone, a fruit roll up and a Pepsi before he left. Do you think he likes Grdma/Grdpa's place??? Maybe we will get lucky and see Liam today!! John brought over some of Mary's delicious pizza for grandpa which was partly devoured while the rest will be lunch today. We saw Faustine because Cynthia brought over some things for Gail.
Oh my, as I write all of this I think we are so so so blessed with family and friends, thank you to all of you.
In between all of the visits etc. we were able to squeeze in a movie at home called Herbie goes bananas.
Lastly the weather has been perfect. We still need rain but the sun and temp have been so so great. It is hard to believe that we have hit mid June already.
Actually the only negative thing that happened lately is I checked our bank account on line Friday and I think we have over spent in the last month! Has that ever happend to you? O well, money is necessary but friends and family are priceless.
Have a great Sunday and thank you for all of your support and prayers.

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