Thursday, June 11, 2009

Another Test

We received a phone call yesterday concerning a test Gail had done. The results of the test were not what we wanted to hear. The test that is done comes up with a cancer number, tells how her organs are working and how her immune system is working. The test showed her cancer number up, her organs are doing well (of course that is good) and her immune system is down. Of course we did not want to hear some of that as it tends to test one's faith. We do believe that in the end Gail will be healed. I know that at this time we are not seeing healing but I do believe that God will be glorified as Gail gets better. However, we continue to keep our nose to the grind stone and deal with health issues daily. It may be difficult to understand but we do know God is the healer, we chose to believe he will heal Gail and no set backs or bad news will prevent us from believing.
On the positive side Gail had better color yesterday and did feel better so that was good. Her hip has not progressed as we had hoped but she does have 2 more treatments scheduled.
It is already Thursday and the time continues to fly by. As we head towards the weekend I hope each of you daily recognize and experience God's great love.

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