Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Taco meal

The picture tells it all. Camp is about our young people and we are hoping that our taco meal tonight will bring in enough money to help those who can not pay for all of the camp fee. One of the items we may have to cut is our "big tent" which is used in so many ways. Our goal is to have 750 taco shells, 75 pounds of ground beef, 20 pounds of cheese, 20 pounds of tomatoes, 30 pounds of lettuce, 10 gallons of ice cream etc. satisfy people enough so they will donate $4000 for Gods work. Come Lord Jesus and provide for the work of your people.
GAIL-----In our journey we have been in one of the valleys the last few days. Gail has been mostly resting since last Friday. She has not been hungry so apple/carrot juice and wheat grass juice have been the order of the day. The pain in her lower back was mostly gone yesterday but there was some discomfort in her mid right front chest. Sleep continues to be a bit elusive as I heard the bath tub water running this morning at 2:00 AM but she is sleeping now so that is good. Actually she went to a physical therapy session yesterday and after that she felt better. We do believe that the many aches and pains are signs of God's healing.
We did watch a movie last night called "Last Chance Harvey". If you like movies that move a bit slow with no blood and gore but with a happy ending we recommend it.
Also were able to see John/Mary and family for a bit and tour their new (10 yr old) conversion van last night. It is nice and I think they will have many many happy times traveling in it. I do believe it was an inexpensive gift from God.
If you are in the Twin Cities tonight and up for a delicious taco dinner drive on over to River Ridge and don't forget your check book. The meal is free but donations in large (and small) amounts are welcome.

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