Thursday, June 18, 2009


Here are 2 flowers in our back yard. The rose bush has 21 buds on it and the roses fill the entire house with their fragrance.

Again, yesterday was fairly uneventful. We saw no grandchildren. No Leo, no Audrey, no Faustina, no Liam or no Henry. I am not sure what grdma and grdpa should do when their life is void and boring!!!!! Gail worked most of the day with some food and clothes. I begin trying to decide if I should repair some of the screens or just make new ones. I do have a router bit for making windows so I may try my hand at that. Some of the screens have seen much better days. I also plan to look at a scroll saw off of Craig's List this afternoon. Yesterday I did go out for lunch with John and then we looked at some of the things he is doing with their new van.
As you can tell from Gail's activities she continues to feel a bit better each day. As I write this we are in the middle of our wheat grass juice thing for the 9Th day. I can tell you that it does NOT get more exciting nor any more fun with experience. That is my perspective, if you were to ask Gail she may even have new words that put the entire experience in a new light. It is not that the whole thing is difficult or painful, it is just 4-5 hours a day putting things in your body from an unusual procedure gets old fast. Least I start to complain I really believe that it is a part of the wisdom God has given us in treating Gail so that her health is completely restored.
Have a great day.

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