Saturday, June 20, 2009

Grandma and Audrey

Audrey at 8 months. She is the happiest baby. Travis was a month younger than this when we camped out for 2 months and during that time he took swimming lessons!! Interesting experience for Travis as well as for mother and dad.

Yesterday was busy, not unusual I guess. After the WG (remember that is wheat grass, not women group) in the morning, I had a 11:15 meeting and from that Gail and I drove to Lindstrom to pick up a couple of things. It turned out to be a 4 hour jaunt. While we were at the couple's place that we did the pickup they prayed over Gail. They had many of the same things come to them as we have experienced but of course they did not know that. God does work in wonderful and interesting ways.

Again Gail felt a bit better yesterday than the day before. Her energy level was better as she pretty much was on the go all day.

We enjoyed John/Mary and kids stopping by about 5. We then ate together and of course enjoyed the kids.

We are thinking we may go to the movie "Food Inc." today. Sounds like it should be very informative and interesting.

Sounds like we may get our first 90 degree temp today. I NEED to get a couple of window air conditioners in so the house is more comfortable. Have a great day.

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