Monday, June 1, 2009

Wheat-----------Why the blog?

Here is a picture of our wheat in the back yard. We juiced our first tonight and it was good.

I have been thinking allot of what I should put on the blog. I would like everyone to know that it has evolved from a blog about Gail's healing to that + a family blog that is regularly read by family in MN, ND, Utah and Arkansas so when you see much about our family that is the reason. For those of you who read it solely for info about Gail just skip over family things that are not of interest to you. I assure you that any time Gail's health changes I will post that as soon as I can so if you read a post and very little is about Gail be assured that she is doing OK. I will resume our family pictures tomorrow and will fill you in on details about Gail from Sunday and today. I do plan to post several pictures of our wedding day in the near future for family.

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