Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Travis, the man who is between jobs and seems to enjoy it immensely. Golf is his passion but mention painting needs, baby sitting needs or an ear to listen and he is there. Henry and Liam think he is the greatest since ice cream cones were invented and when Travis is around everyone else is second fiddle. We will forever be grateful for the 250+ hours he spent on the house last year.
Now for Gail. It has only been 2 days since I updated you but for some reason it seems longer. A brief summary would be she seems to be coming back from feeling down down down but the recovery is so so slow. Yesterday AM she felt well and actually she spent much of the morning in the kitchen. Then about the time in the afternoon when we asked ourselves why we canceled our night out she felt not good at all. However, I would say she had better color and also was walking a bit better so as I would say "dos is good" for now. She did not go to Dan S. open house but she did enjoy her brother Mark, her sister Deb and other family as they spent about an hour with us Sunday night. Yesterday I called the physical therapy clinic where she has an appt for her hip next Monday and asked if there was any way they could get her in before next week. They called back in 30 min and said she could come in Wed at 10 am so we are so thankful for that.
WAIT--as I read this to me it sounds like we are living in a world of sickness and doom---but that is not true. I say Gail is doing better, she looks better, feels better and God is healing her so we rejoice and praise his name and give him all the glory.
I took time out yesterday to spend about an hour with our friend Jim Cahill. We made a 6 foot cross that he will put in his basement which he is turning into a 24/7 prayer room for all and anyone to come and pray. It was a great time with Jim and I think the cross turned out well.
We are so excited, Leo is coming on Friday. He is bringing Aaron/Amy too so that is good!!! I told Aaron on the phone last night that I decided they have to move back to St. Paul because we get too lonesome, he just laughed.
Today is the first day in the year leading to our 42 anniversary. I thank all of you for praying and believing that God is healing Gail. We are so excited for her to gain her strength back so we can go for walks, ride bike, do work around the house and yard and most of all share God's healing with others.
Tomorrow I will put in a separate entry titled pictures and they will be for family to remember back so for family stay tuned, for others you may want to stay tuned out for that one!!

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