Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A hat trick!!!!!

We went in the rain yesterday to watch Henry play soccer. A first for a grandchild. There we were at the game, a conversion van in the parking lot and a Lee on the field, just like old times but I do NOT want to go back to the good old days! Henry said the final score was 3-1 and he scored a hat trick, which as all of you know is 3 goals. The picture is not of last night but he was that happy.

Yesterday was a busy but uneventful day. Meditations in the morning for me, Gail's women group came for a short time in the afternoon, I went to the store and purchased a new gardening water can which was a gift from Grandma Saunders, got the lawn mowed, of course we did our wheat grass juice thing, watched a movie on the food we eat and how horrible our everyday diet is, Susan Wind came for a short time, John and Cynthia/Mike stopped over at different times and I think I may have missed a few things.

As Gail and I talked about her health yesterday we realized that we started our wheat grass program last Wednesday and since Thursday she has felt a bit better each day. Praise God. I was thankful to Ernie R. as he sent a note this morning and said that in his part of the prayer watch this morning he felt that we(everyone praying) have gone to satan and reclaimed Gail's health. What a positive and inspiring word. We are not, at this time, declaring a miracle or healing but as each day goes by and Gail feels better we rejoice and say "Thank you Lord". To have recaptured the health that Gail has at this point is wonderful but of course we feel that there is much more to come and that will be the result of your prayers and faith---THANKS.
We say special prayers for the family of Bob Hackel who passed away Sunday and whose prayer service is tonight.
Have a great day and we are also so thankful for the 1/2 inch of rain that we received yesterday. The lawns are now returning to lush green and the trees look so much happier.

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