Sunday, June 28, 2009

Need any crutches??

Here are crutches left in the church in Montreal after people were healed by Brother Andre'. We spent most of a day in the church and it was most inspiring. There were 100s of items from braces to wheelchairs left there by people who were healed.

Yesterday was more of the same. WG in the morning. This will be the 19Th day with 9 left and then we will have to decide what to do!! We did a little work yesterday, we were outside until 9:00 and then came in for the night. In Gail's case it really is "no news is good news".

It is John/Mary's 7th anniversary today. They plan to leave for their vacation tomorrow. They have their new van all ready and it should be a wonderful way to travel with family. I laughed as I looked at their 19" TV in the van. I remember when our family had a long vacation with Grandma/Grandpa Saunders. We had hardly gotten out of St. Paul and one of the boys had a little hand held game. Grandpa asked him to put it away so he could look at the sights!! How times change. I wouldn't change a thing about that long ago great vacation and I also think John/Mary are doing what is right for them now too. Generations are different and I think God smiles on that.

Have a great Sunday and enjoy the glorious weather, sunny and 78 today.


Anonymous said...

I am so glad you were able to visit the site of brother Andre. He is very special to the Sisters of the Holy Cross. I work for them and there are pictures of him all over the convent. He was a brother of the Holy Cross. I continue to pray for Gail and am glad she is gaining strength. I have so enjoyed reading your blog. Keep up the good work. God bless, Lisa Loughran

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