Thursday, June 25, 2009

They are growing!

Here is what has happened in 3 1/2 weeks. The tomatoes did not do much of anything until our warm weather arrived about a week ago. I know, there are weeds too but we will take care of them soon.

Gail continues to do well. Her hip continues to bother her. We hope and pray that the discomfort in it means it is healing.

Yesterday was busy, what else would be new!! Finished the WG program for the day about noon. I did scoot to get a oil change in between as Cyn/Mike are using the car for their camping trip. Gail finished some work in the front flowers. Did you ask what did we have for lunch? Well Gail had a plate of cucumbers, tomatoes and an avocado and I had a hamburger with a bowl of fruit!!!

I have begun to drink WG juice with Gail twice a day. I don't like it but we will see if I can get my blood pressure down along with my cholesterol and get rid of my meds which I HATE. Actually it is easier to drink WG juice than the thought of taking med twice a day.

Enough, please continue to pray for wisdom, peace and patience for us and healing too for Gail.

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