Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I would say fall is officially here with a temp of 42 this morning. This could be getting close to fireplace weather. I think it should be near 60 again today with less wind. Yesterday the wind blew so hard that it actually blew my nose.

I visited Gail's grave yesterday. They now have planted grass over it. The casket flowers are at the foot of it and I think it is time to remove them. Gail deserves something more beautiful than what is left of them. I think I will bring a red rose today as Gail always loved the fragrance of the ones in the back yard. No big plans today. The dumpster was taken away yesterday so that was really nice. The driveway is once again clear.

Cynthia did some work in our bedroom yesterday and found a diary of Gail's when she was a senior in HS. It is so precious and so Gail it gives a person more insight into why she was so special. As I leave this morning I am going to end with 2 quotes from Gail.

On March 26, 1964 which was her senior year: "I'm not fooling anyone but myself so I'll be honest with you. It is now March 26 (her last entry was in January). Today I'll catch up on my diary. Please help me dear God to not forget anything." As you can see Gail was already behind in her projects! At the end of that day she said that Dave, a classmate, had asked her to go to the show and she did not want to go with him so she told him she couldn't because she had a family reunion which was not true---this is how she ended: "I'm a little liar, God forgive me please".

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