Monday, September 28, 2009

It will be different

As I sit down to put some of my thoughts on the blog it appears that fall is here. The temp is 52 this morning with a cold wind. When I saw the weather I found myself saying that it was such a blessing that Gail had almost perfect weather the last 6 weeks of her life and then again I thought really that wasn't important to her because she could not enjoy it so perhaps it was only important to me!

I needed hand soap so doubled up on some things and went to Sam's Club yesterday afternoon. As I looked for different things I started to ask myself what would Gail need! I stopped and thought she certainly doesn't need anything from here now. I then went on to think I may not be here much now as any quantity I buy from here could last me a long long time. I did buy the soap but those 12 bars will last me forever.

I lost it for a short time again yesterday. I found her little pocket knife on top of the washing machine. I had given it to her a long time ago and she was so proud that only she would use it. Most of the time it would be in the little jar in the kitchen where we keep watches, nail clippers etc but for some reason it was on the machine. God certainly made us as interesting beings when a little thing like that can flood my cheeks with tears.

Aaron/Amy headed back to Madison yesterday and I was lucky enough to see all the other kids yesterday. Cynthia and Travis spent a long time here watching the game and then working downstairs bringing up bags of old clothes. Travis did set in front of me a box with Gail's and my high school and college diplomas. I just do not know what to do with things like that. Of course I will keep them but we just never were ones to display things like that. I think Gail always thought the inside stuff was always more important than the outside stuff.

Travis and I enjoyed the Binde's and Grandma's visit for a short time yesterday. That was nice of them to stop for a bit. Mark and Mary must have been in town for some time for the wedding but am sure they had more than enough to do so did not see them. Maybe the next time they are in town they will stop. I hope to see Al and Deb Wed at St. Kates as their Claire has a home soccer game. Maybe I will walk up there with Wallace as it is only a 10 minute walk.

I looked outside through the window by the front door about 10 last night and there walking across the front lawn was a possum. I had never seen one here before. I thought, very interesting, I think there will be many things in my future that are "never before". I do yearn for the "same old stuff" but I know that is not to be.

My coffee is ready and the paper is here so will sit and enjoy, sounds like a good life doesn't it!!

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Connie Schrandt said...

Hi Carmen, I was catching up on your blog and read your post about Gail not being healed. I believe you are correct about her wanting to live with the best quality - to truly live. I also believe you are correct in that our prayers for healing did buoy her to hope and to life. What a wonderful gift to be a part of that, but for us, a sad ending indeed.

At our Bible study we listened to teachings on healing. One Scripture that really stuck with me is Duet. 29:29 "The secret things belong to the LORD our God, but the things revealed belong to us and to our sons forever, that we may observe all the words of this law."

Our instructor used that Scripture to help us deal with all of those questions that come up when people aren't healed. The reasons are the secret things that belong to the LORD our God, and we can trust Him with those secrets. He has revealed to us that sickness and death are not of Him and that it is ALWAYS right to pray for healing. That is a word of the law that we can always observe. It sets my heart at ease.

Have you tried Ethopian Yirgacheffe coffee? True Stone has it and it is GREAT!!