Sunday, September 27, 2009

Another first

I went to my first family gather alone. I hope I did not look uncomfortable because I felt like a fish out of water. I was not sure how to act or what to do. I know that in those situations I would try to stay close to Gail, hold her hand and talk to people. This was Gail's family gathering and I remembered how Gail always liked to see people who one does not see often. There was Jack and Karen from Cayuga, Dale and Marie from Appleton, Jerry and Rose from the Twin Cities but we don't see often and of course Gail always loved to see the nieces and nephews.

The occasion was Amy and Micah's wedding. The setting was a rural faculty and it was really nice. For me I missed the church and Mass on such a happy time but I would say that it was pretty, peaceful and fun.

I rode there with Aaron/Amy and came home with Cynthia/Mike. How about that I am becoming dependent. There were times people thought Gail and I were so independent and did our own thing and now look! Well I may be taking too much credit for a tiny thing.

After I arrived home I took a small glass of Irish Baily Cream and sat on the deck for about an hour. Oh my the thoughts ran back to so many things. I remembered:
*us finishing the deck with the last screw as people started arriving for Cynthia's graduation party.
*I am not sure why but I thought about playing cop most of her 9Th or was it 10Th grade.
*I remembered about taking all 4 of the graduation pictures by the birch tree in the back.
*Then there was the year Aaron did painting all on his own and did a super job.
*I thought about Travis' dream to be Sammy White and play football.
*I remembered Gail's horror when after John decided to do his first bike race he came out of the bathroom with his legs shaved!
*There was all the joys we had when grandchildren started coming. It almost was like Gail was in heaven. She talked about going to Madison once a month, of going to their soccer games, of making cookies with them of having tea parties with the girls and her dream went on and on and on and I would have to admit that more than once there was a moment of jealousy as I thought about things just Gail and I should do. What is a man to do!!!

I am not sure why all those thoughts came while on the deck. I also thought about some times that were not so fun. I think maybe the half moon which stared down on me caused me to be sentimental. It was so bright and I know that Gail would have said something like I could look at it all night.

I just heard the paper bang against the door so will sit down and read it a bit before church.

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