Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday, 9:00 AM

Gail slept fairly well. She just asked for a pad of paper as she said it is not easy to talk, she has not said that before. Actually I think she looks as well as yesterday. She already drank some IP-6. We should see what a new day brings. Lord come come with your healing grace but we do accept your will, your plan for Gail as well as us.

Sue Coulter just arrived to take Jude for a time so Cynthia has more time. Thanks Sue.

I feel Gail's physical strength is down a bit so we are asking visitors to call and if you come limit your visit to 5 minutes or less. Anne Miller just came, gave the the body of Christ to Gail and left, that was a special blessing.

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Anonymous said...

Carmen and Gail -- you will be very much in my prayers this day. May the Lord be very close to you and your whole family. May your Guardian Angel lift you from your pain, Gail, and wrap you in love.
Judy Weiland